Motivation: Capped vs. Uncapped

Motivation is something we all need. We all yearn for reasons to perform each daily task. Without motivation, it is very difficult to accomplish anything. How often have you heard something like, “I have no motivation”, “I just can’t motivate myself to do it”, “I need motivation”. The search for motivation is one that’s allusive to many. The fact of the matter is, a lot of the motivation that we do possess is what I like to call capped motivation and destined to be short-lived. The goal of everyone should be to find unlimited motivation which should last a lifetime.

What is Capped Motivation?

Capped motivation is the motivation that we gain as a result of seeking approval from outside sources. This can be related to increasing financial status, seeking acceptance from someone and/or group of people, and seeking to impress others via our actions or physical appearance. While restricted motivation may be very powerful at the beginning, it is destined to fail because of the lack of personal fulfillment that it fails to offer. It restricts us from complete personal fulfillment. For example, let’s say an entrepreneur is striving to create a new product strictly because he or she sees a financial gain to be made. Let’s say their sole motivation is to make a profit to buy a new Lamborghini. Even though they are likely to achieve this goal, their expectations on self-fulfillment are likely to be short lived or not met at all. It is human nature to lust for money and luxuries. However, once one acquires these assets, it is rarely enough to sustain their fulfillment. This is because motivation is capped to the acquisition of these monetary objects. Once they are acquired, motivation is destined to level off or drop assuming they were their sole motivating factor.

What is Uncapped Motivation?

Uncapped motivation is the motivation that has zero limits. It is based on the idea of maximizing one’s self-fulfillment from within. If we can maximize self-fulfillment, that becomes our limitless motivation for everything we do. This process starts when we strive to make a selfless impact on society. When we shift our mindset from seeking to receive approval to seeking to give and inspire, our motivation becomes capless. With uncapped motivation, we are no longer limited to acquiring physical wealth, but also mental wealth. Mental wealth is achieved by positively impacting the lives of others. When we strive to give value, we are destined to receive value in return. When we truly develop a mindset based on self-development in order to impact rather than self-development in order to consume, we become unlimited in our ability to acquire mental wealth and inner peace. These are the aspects that truly have an uncapped importance in one’s quality of life.

Published by Zachary Paul Hoffman

I am a former professional athlete, tri-lingual, Italian/American duel-citizen and aspiring modern-day leadership development expert.

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